CDA Wassenaar


CDA  WASSENAAR “ Good for each other!”
(Christen Democtraticsh Appel)

Why should you support CDA Wassenaar?


 Courtney Expats
  • Courtney Smith van Rij, Wassenaar’s most well known expat, is on  the CDA list in Wassenaar. She has your needs at heart and will focus on expat priorities in our community.
  • CDA chooses for community. Not just for the individual and government. We really want to live together as a civil society where all people are treated equally.
  • CDA takes responsibility for the needs of our society, even when the situation is difficult.  CDA believes in delivering on promises. We are accountable for good results.
  • CDA is committed to quality. Cheap options are not the best options. The key quality of Wassenaar is it’s green and calm surroundings that should be safeguarded. At the same time we should also focus on our social infrastructure, the environment and sustainability.

What does CDA in Wassenaar wish to achieve?

  • A real solution for one of the key traffic bottlenecks in Wassenaar; the thousands of cars that are squeezed daily through our village. A jammed Rijksstraatweg (N44), intense traffic in small streets, congestion etc. Traffic escalation is predicted following the massive residential development outside our village and in Valkenburg. We would like a new road between the A44 and A4, a road that fully respects our green buffer before housing construction is even started. We also propose a few short tunnels under the Rijksstraatweg. Entry dose at the edges of Wassenaar, to counter small-scale traffic, are necessary and alternatives to cars, such as bicycles and public transport, could and should be encouraged. In order to be effective, we must cooperate with Provincial and National authorities and continue to actively lobby.
  • Green buffer areas both to the north and the south side of Wassenaar should be maintained, and preferably strengthened further.
  • Our motto “Good for each other” implies that we seek maximum attention and support for volunteers, community workers, neighborhood and sport associations.
  • Prudent and realistic fiscal policies; expenses should fully be covered by revenues. Receding financial contributions from the central government should lead to a new discussion about our priorities instead of indifferent generic cost cutting.
  • A friendly, efficient municipality, with an English-language helpdesk for the many expats who live in Wassenaar.
  • Wassenaar must remain independent.  We welcome cooperation with other municipalities, if this leads to mutual advantages, without harming service levels (i.e. the fire brigade).
  • Stronger prevention of juvenile alcohol and drug abuse.
  • “Wassenaarse Slag” should be on the ‘cleanest beaches’ list in the Netherlands, and avail a secure bicycle parking from May 1 to October 1

Are election promises worth anything?

Actually, they are!

Much has happened and was put into motion by the CDA during the last term.

Have a look at our current program 2006-2010

The achievements include:

  • A new health center is scheduled and our brand new swimming pool recently opened.
  • Municipal finances have been stabilized.
  • There is a beautiful new library
  • Sport facilities have been upgraded and improved
  • The traffic plan is underway in residential areas.
  • Flooding was addressed and dredging has been done at some critical spots.
  • Several playgrounds were built.
  • Our CDA politicians were accountable; they have translated election goals into measurable results.
  • The accessibility of CDA politicians was further improved following many meetings between representatives from a wide range of local organizations.



If you are an EU citizen (in most cases) or have been a registered resident of a community in The Netherlands for at least 5 consecutive years then you are most likely allowed to vote. Your voting ballot will be sent to your home address. For more information you can also go to the community website at and read the requirements to be a voter.

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