CDA Wassenaar


Local Elections March 3rd

Courtney Smith van Rij, resident of Wassenaar and candidate for the CDA, calls foreigners to use their right to vote


1) Foreigners Must Vote
2) Democratic Duty
3) “When in Holland, Do as the Dutch…”
4) Be Heard
5) Make a Difference in Your Town

 1)     Foreigners Must Vote: This is crucial. All qualified foreigners who live in The Netherlands MUST vote. The Netherlands is a democratic country, which means it is your obligation to vote if you chose to live here.

 2)   Democratic Duty: If you enjoy and appreciate the freedoms that are present in Dutch society, then it is your duty to preserve them by coming to the polls to vote.

 3)   “When in Holland, Do as the Dutch…” The Dutch have one of the highest voting rates in the world. According to The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), 80.35% of the voters turned out to vote in the 2006 Parliamentary elections. Compare that to the United States Presidential elections where a record breaking 58.23% turned out. If you choose to live in the Netherlands…Do as the Dutch and Vote!

 4)   Be Heard: Foreigners from all over the world can be heard through votes. Expats and all eligible foreigners must vote and have their voices heard. This is the only way that our country can operate as a real democracy. The majority wins, but if you don’t vote, the results may not reflect what the majority of eligible voters really feel.

 5)    Make a Difference: By voting you will make a difference to the way your town is run. By being heard, you will impact the choices that the your local government makes.


 Courtney Smith van Rij is a resident of Wassenaar and is on the CDA list at position number 17. Van Rij will be available to answer general questions about why eligible foreigners should vote in the upcoming Municipal Elections that will take place nationwide on March 3rd.  To get your questions answered be sure to attend the info sessions on:

Friday 19th February from 15:00 – 16:00;
Wednesday 24th February from 15:00 – 16:00
Friday 26th February from 15:00 – 16:00
Location: Bagel Alley, Langstraat 42, Wassenaar